I have a script to fetch asset name, address from a policy id with blockfrost API, now I need to see if the asset is in a smart contract script. I have no coding skills but followed a tutorial to get this far. Thanks!

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PyCardano can help you to find the address type.

For example, addr1wyzynye0nksztrfzpsulsq7whr3vgh7uvp0gm4p0x42ckkqqq6kxq is the script address of Spacebudz. You can decode it into an Address object using pycardano, and the address_type field will tell you the information about this address.

>>> from pycardano import Address
>>> addr = Address.from_primitive("addr1wyzynye0nksztrfzpsulsq7whr3vgh7uvp0gm4p0x42ckkqqq6kxq")
>>> addr.address_type
<AddressType.SCRIPT_NONE: 7>

The output SCRIPT_NONE tells us that this address's payment part is a script (first half is SCRIPT), and the address doesn't have staking part (second half is NONE). All possible address types could be found in this doc.

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