Is there any way to convert between Byron-era addresses (ie "Ae2tdPwUPEZ5faoeL9oL2wHadcQo3mJLi68M4eep8wo45BFnk46sMkvCmM9" or "DdzFFzCqrhswh7xiYG8RE1TtcvWamhbExTXfsCYaF9PrGWHRLCwCsBH5JkeApUagvo4FZE3DJD3rn5hw8vaMBib2StKMJ77rJHt51jPt" and the Shelley type (ie "addr1vx7vlgvuupzvvls99penvatpm2c4j9ljscevzsnn3awk8ys6xynxk")?

Failing that, is there a way to use Cardanosharp to generate the Byron type from mnemonic (I know you can use PurposeType.Byron, but it produces "addr1"-prefixed addresses, and I want the old Daedalus/Yoroi version)? Can I do it in cardano-address?

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Yes, you can use cardano-address to generate Byron addresses, starting from a mnemonic phrase.

You can use this script for that: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/cardano-apexpool/f37f333eea7f8aac9a76687a94a9cf51/raw/5a5e613e1e352074993682fba3031cc6a4c3806e/byron_wallet_from_mnemonic.sh

  • Please add an example, otherwise this answer isn't very helpful.
    – eddex
    Feb 20, 2023 at 7:15
  • 2
    I added the script. You can use an existing 12 words recovery seed or generate a new one, just edit in the script that part. Feb 20, 2023 at 14:58

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