I am wondering, if it is possible to disable the colorization of the cardano-node logs.

Is it possible to disable the colors in the stdoutput of cardano-node?

Screenshot of cardano node logs with colors

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Yes this is possible

cardano-node "rest of the command" | sed -r "s/\x1B\[([0-9]{1,3}(;[0-9]{1,2};?)?)?[mGK]//g"

will do the trick. Credits to this answer.

  • The proposed line does not disable colors in the cardano-node stdout/logs. This is removing the special sequences for colors. I am looking for a configuration setting that omits the sequences used for colorized output. Which should happen automatically, when running in a non-interactive shell - but this is unfortunately not the case with the cardano-node CLI tool.
    – Attila
    Jan 25, 2023 at 15:53

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