the following image illustrates my problem: all the NFTs I've been minting is being seen as normal native tokens instead of collectibles.

For example, for the ANIMALSP01#28, the metadata in the transaction is:

   58acb2cb1ae017ede95e8e0a5801e0b3fc3036296adc242490d53cfd: {
      414e494d414c53503031233238: {
         description: "",
         name: "Koala",
         type: "Animal",
         image: "ipfs://QmcYZXh9mjdNC1TfyPKWSbGF2LV5Y7Et75A5DwjjRktMUH",
         Race: "Koala"

And I am generating this way:

policy = ScriptAll([pub_key_policy, must_before_slot])
policy_id = policy.hash()

NFT_NAME = nft_name.encode("utf8")
metadata = {
            721: {  # 721 refers to the metadata label registered for NFT standard here:
                # https://github.com/cardano-foundation/CIPs/blob/master/CIP-0010/registry.json#L14-L17
                policy_id.payload.hex(): {
                    NFT_NAME: {
                        "description": description,
                        "name": name,
                        "type": type,
                        "image":"ipfs://" + nft.file

I hope someone can help me :)

enter image description here

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The asset name in the metadata should probably be "ANIMALSP01#28" instead of the hex representation ("414e494d414c53503031233238"), according to the version 1 of CIP-025.

  • you are completely right. I was wrong because of the example given in the pycardano's repository Jan 23, 2023 at 13:36

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