Generating a policy doesn't require a running node; the cardano-cli alone is sufficient. Since no connection is made to the network, can I assume there's no difference between a policy on preprod and mainnet? In other words, can I use the same policy to mint on all the different networks?

The only difference will be the expiry slot because the reference slot will differ between networks.

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As it turns out, they are. I've minted NFTs on preprod and mainnet with the exact same keys and policy.

Here's the policy on preprod: https://preprod.venster.io/policies/3333acb55ed79731ea6658abb74f453cbb87e15aee01a7aab484b2a6

Here's the same policy on mainnet: https://venster.io/policies/3333acb55ed79731ea6658abb74f453cbb87e15aee01a7aab484b2a6

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