Now that I am comfortable with Plutus, I want to build a full-stack dApp with frontend and wallet support, so users can interact with it easily.

This auction dApp is a good example, but it does not detail how to integrate the dApp with a wallet and it uses customized Javascript to build off-chain transactions.

Is there a full-stack example/tutorial, such as Cryptozombies in Ethereum, or TicTacToe in Bitcoin SV.

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You have a few open-source options to use and learn from:

  1. See RoundTable for an example of a multisig wallet which uses CML (Cardano Multiplatform Library) + Submit API + Cardano GraphQL - https://github.com/ADAOcommunity/round-table
  2. Checkout examples from Lucid which use the Blockfrost API and Helios for smart contract code https://github.com/spacebudz/lucid/tree/main/src/examples
  3. See PicoSwap for an example of Atomic Swaps which uses Helios for both off-chain and on-chain code https://github.com/Hyperion-BT/PicoSwap
  4. Look at some of the starter templates from MeshJS https://meshjs.dev/starter-templates
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I created a library of offchain/onchain examples using helios that are open source and located here:


List of examples in increasing order of complexity

  1. transfer-ada - builds a simple transaction to transfer Ada
  2. nft - mints an NFT
  3. nft-multisig - mints a multi signature NFT
  4. vesting - creates a vesting contract that locks funds until deadline
  5. donation - tracks donations on-chain when purchasing an eCommerce order
  6. events - block chain event monitoring example

Look here I found it genuinely nice to learn


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