I have a cardano-node with cardano-db-sync installed. In this node, I also have a separate database named CDT, and a web UI to connect to this CDT database.

I defined an address named addr1xxxxxx which I want to track incoming payment. In the web, I display this address as QR code to users.

When users see this QR code, they have to send a certain ADA to this address within a certain time. If they do send enough ADA, they will be redirected to the next step and so on.

What I want to do this to get know whether users have sent enough ADA to this address or not. I can check cexplorer database to know this, but in many cases I am afraid that cardano-db-sync is not synced fast enough to get the latest from the blockchain.

I have heard of webhooks services of blockfrost or tangocrypto. They maybe a good solutions. But it relies on third-party services.

Can you suggest another solution?

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Check out Oura which gets you a tail feed of events. Should be the fastest solution not relying on third parties.

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