I have written a script that will fail unless it receives both oref1 and oref2 as reference inputs. I have the following emulator code:

let rule = mempty
                     <> C.mustReferenceOutput oref1
                     <> C.mustReferenceOutput oref2
                     <> C.mustMintValue val 
                     <> (C.mustBeSignedBy ppkh)
tx <- mkTxConstraints @Void (plutusV2MintingPolicy policy) rule
submitTxConfirmed tx

The script fails saying that oref1 is not a reference input. But if I comment out C.mustReferenceOutput oref2 then the script fails saying it has not received oref2 as a reference input. It seems I can attach oref1 or oref2 as a reference input, but not both.

On the testnet, this issue does not occur, so it isn't a problem with the script. Is it not possible with the Plutus emulator to attach more than one reference input to a transaction?

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It does work with the emulator. Here's a test that demonstrates this being validated on-chain.


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