For a given tx - where a contract has been used, outputs have been stored in the tx_metadata table - in this case key/value pairs where the values of keys 0 through 10, when appended together to form one contiguous string, make a value that when run through cbor.me decode to the representation of a json object that contains various values.


When above is decoded it produces:

121([h'BAED3AE13D7EEB93BB4B4F44E10AFF9F1FC052869F4A1CD1501BE928', [121([121([121([h'4B031CBFD476D7EFD6EC84012AEAA11A5EC9AA4CE53973764F5099BF']), 121([121([121([h'E1F33EA56CBC61DC3F9159175025EFAB8E55D92380482B4760360038'])])])]), {h'': 121([0, {h'': 280000000}])}]), 121([121([121([h'70E60F3B5EA7153E0ACC7A803E4401D44B8ED1BAE1C7BAAAD1A62A72']), 121([121([121([h'1E78AAE7C90CC36D624F7B3BB6D86B52696DC84E490F343EBA89005F'])])])]), {h'': 121([0, {h'': 80000000}])}]), 121([121([121([h'BAED3AE13D7EEB93BB4B4F44E10AFF9F1FC052869F4A1CD1501BE928']), 121([121([121([h'801C29C0F4E1B8C20B1849AA358F63F22A46FA9930EC447694A9BBF2'])])])]), {h'': 121([0, {h'': 3640000000}])}])]])

here we find the output values in lovelace:


but there is also these other values, which do not seem to decode to addr - addresses as it seems they should...


Does anyone know how to decode them to the wallet addresses they must be?

  • :/ edited but not answered Erik? aww. hehe Commented Dec 2, 2022 at 7:23

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These values are the payment credentials of the address (or in case of a script its script hash).

You are probably looking for the payment_cred field of tx_out table in cardano-db-sync.

csyncdb=> select address from tx_out where payment_cred = '\xbaed3ae13d7eeb93bb4b4f44e10aff9f1fc052869f4a1cd1501be928' group by address;
(1 row)


Keep in mind that this payment_cred value is only one part of the address and therefore they can more than one result.

  • THAT connects the dots for me, thank you!! payment_cred hash28type The payment credential part of the Shelley address. (NULL for Byron addresses). For a script-locked address, this is the script hash. From the tx_out table - and there they all are... Thank you so much. Commented Dec 2, 2022 at 22:10

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