I am running cardano node 1.35.4 on Windows 10 it syncs to 100% then gives me the following screen enter image description here

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If you are asking about Unsupported remote target address ... errors (ipv6), then I suspect that you start the node only specifying IPv4 address. To get IPv6 address either:

  • do not specify ip addresses at all (then the node should discover which addresses the host machine supports); or
  • specify both IPv4 and IPv6

If you just specify one of them, the node will only bind to that address, and be able to use outbound connections using that IP version. This allows us to support environments where IPv4 or IPv6 is not available.

  • Thanks for your help , I am currently not specifying any IP address cardano-node run --topology "configuration\cardano\testnet-topology.json" --database-path "db" --socket-path "\\.\pipe\cardano-node-testnet" --port 3001 --config "configuration\cardano\testnet-config.json"
    – Jean-Marc
    Nov 29, 2022 at 20:20

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