I have integrated a Cardano wallet into my site and done some basic interactions. I am hoping to get a sample, example and/or guidance on how to build the transaction I am interested in implementing:


  • User visits my site, connects their wallet.
  • User pays an amount of ADA or an amount of a native token to mint an NFT.
  • User has NFT in their wallet now, and site can verify it is there as a means of confirming paid membership.

So the transaction I need to build:

User pays an amount of ADA or a native token to mint an NFT. => ADA gets transferred from the users wallet to the wallet of the site, NFT gets minted and sent to users wallet.

Has anyone here done this?

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This all can be done in a single transaction using lucid. Suggest you to see examples here. You can use payToContract to pay Ada / native token and simultaneously, mintAssets to mint them (in your minting script, check script context to see whether the required amount is getting transferred to required address). Can see a similar example I coded for my project here.

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