I am building an NFT minting policy which takes an argument of type TxOutRef as parameter. To this when I pass my parameter, it doesn't match with what is actually given in the transaction. Here is my policy: My policy code

Suppose my tx-in (in context of cardano-cli) is bccdfb39bcf97b9bc499ef19c02f33c64df1d7e68cfcff7f65a737c9c6ce4224#0. Then this is how I am passing it to compiler: passing TxOutRef

I tried comparing what I passed with what is actually received in my mkPolicy but surprisingly, if I remove out firstInput, it is able to print my error message, else with firstInput being present, I get the following in my console: error by firstInput

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Following suggestion from here, I got it working by doing following modification: TxOutRef Construction

As TxId has an instance for IsString derived via LegerBytes. In particular, this answer is also helpful.

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