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export const callApi = async (endPoint: string) => { try { const request: string = env.REACT_APP_BLOCKFROST_URL + endPoint const response = await fetch(request, { //@ts-ignore headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", project_id: process.env.REACT_APP_BLOCKFROST_KEY, }, method: "GET", }) let data = await response.json() return data } catch (error) {} }

export const findAssets = async (stakeAddress: string) => { const endPoint = accounts/${stakeAddress}/addresses/assets const result = await callApi(endPoint)

return result } enter image description here

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As you can see in the error message, the address you provide is not in the expected format.

Addresses on testnets start with "addr_test1" but the address you provide starts with "addr1" (probably a mainnet address).

Try to add a testnet address to the request and it should work.

Example testnet address: addr_test1qpmtp5t0t5y6cqkaz7rfsyrx7mld77kpvksgkwm0p7en7qum7a589n30e80tclzrrnj8qr4qvzj6al0vpgtnmrkkksnqd8upj0

Also note that you probably want to use the PreProd network instead of the testnet. Testnet has been broken a while ago.

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As mentioned in the error message, you're using invalid (mainnet) address against testnet endpoint

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