The following code would work for V1: outputDatum :: EkivalEscrowDatum

outputDatum = case transferDatum $ txOutDatumHash ownOutput >>= flip findDatum info of

    Nothing -> traceError "Transfer output datum not found"

    Just d  -> d

However, "txOutDatumHash" seems to be missing a corresponding implementation in V2. I understand we may face inline Datum, which would not include the Hash, but backward compatibility appears to not be fully implemented on this function. From the plutus-apps examples, I noticed a mixture of V1 modules whenever the datum was being verified. PS: transferDatum :: Maybe Datum -> Maybe EkivalEscrowDatum

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For plutus v2 you have to differentiate since inline datums could be present at a given output.

outputDatumByHash :: DatumHash -> Maybe Datum
outputDatumByHash h = findDatum h info

ownOutputDatum :: TxOut -> Maybe TransferDatum
ownOutputDatum TxOut{txOutDatum=OutputDatumHash h} = transferDatum $ outputDatumByHash h
ownOutputDatum _                                   = Nothing

outputDatum :: TxOut -> TransferDatum
outputDatum txOut = case ownOutputDatum txOut of
    Nothing -> traceError "Transfer output datum not found"
    Just d  -> d

Looking at the API:

V1's TxOut uses txOutDatumHash :: Maybe DatumHash

V2's TxOut uses txOutDatum :: OutputDatum where data OutputDatum = NoOutputDatum | OutputDatumHash DatumHash | OutputDatum Datum

So V2 still has DatumHash but you need to also handle the possibility of OutputDatum (inline datum).

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