Good evening, I am working on a crypto wallet that deals with cardano(ADA), and while testing i discovered that blockfrost api for testnet is deprecated, so i could not get testnet token to test, and later switched to prepod but i don't know how to connect blockfrost api with prepod test network, i tried reaching out to blockfrost but to no avail,please how can i use prepod with blockfrost api? this is my cardano address addr_test1qrum7e26tfvdxgy3glpmrcsrsza4lpfqyqn0phklplm3wscunjd64pwwcfdsmdqrmxry5ma0smajh37vdp0jwzx82jpsheutwf for legacy testnet.

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There are different urls for each network. From the doc: https://docs.blockfrost.io


  • please i am trying to use it with flutter ` cardano_wallet_sdk: ^0.1.0-alpha.12 `
    – Davy King
    Oct 8, 2022 at 3:19

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