I'm trying to run the command "cabal build" the Week02 code of plutus-pioneer-program but it has this error and I have tried everything but the same error keeps appear:

Failed to build lzma-
Build log (
Configuring library for lzma-
Preprocessing library for lzma-
compiling dist/build/LibLzma_hsc_make.c failed (exit code 1)
rsp file was: "dist/build/hsc2hscall1082370-0.rsp"
command was: /nix/store/d2fqghv083a8q7j8sjb2m5q6i840h691-gcc-wrapper-10.2.0/bin/cc -c dist/build/LibLzma_hsc_make.c -o dist/build/LibLzma_hsc_make.o -D__GLASGOW_HASKELL__=810 -Dlinux_BUILD_OS=1 -Dx86_64_BUILD_ARCH=1 -Dlinux_HOST_OS=1 -Dx86_64_HOST_ARCH=1 -Idist/build/autogen -Idist/build/global-autogen -include dist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h -I/nix/store/3av3p9ky0lg2f1bc5jgg2sl872z7g4m9-ghc- -I/nix/store/3av3p9ky0lg2f1bc5jgg2sl872z7g4m9-ghc- -I/nix/store/grcf3skqwdw35pki3d0gf7mj0flskni7-gmp-6.2.1-dev/include -I/nix/store/3av3p9ky0lg2f1bc5jgg2sl872z7g4m9-ghc- -I/nix/store/3av3p9ky0lg2f1bc5jgg2sl872z7g4m9-ghc- -I/nix/store/wxb1awkkkbjp26jwqf854488qbzlkk25-libffi-3.3-dev/include -I/nix/store/3av3p9ky0lg2f1bc5jgg2sl872z7g4m9-ghc-
error: LibLzma.hsc:44:10: fatal error: lzma.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

cabal: Failed to build lzma- (which is required by
plutus-pioneer-program-week02- See the build log above for details.

Here are the steps I do:

  1. cd into plutus-apps directory then
$ git checkout 81ba78edb1d634a13371397d8c8b19829345ce0d
$ nix-shell
  1. Now I'm inside the nix-shell, I cd into plutus-pioneer-program's Week2 code and then run
[nix-shell:.../plutus-pioneer-program/code/week02]# cabal update
[nix-shell:.../plutus-pioneer-program/code/week02]# cabal build

That's all, the error above appears. After investigating, I think the error is caused by missing lzma.h, I installed liblzma-dev from this thread, but the error remains.

Can anyone help me out please? Thank you very much!

  • I am also facing the same issue. Have you found any solution?
    – χerфmiи
    Nov 16, 2022 at 8:10

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After the command


execute in the shell

nix-shell -p lzma

I believe you are using the wrong git commit for plutus-apps for week02. It should be 6aff97d596ac9d59460aab5c65627b1c8c0a1528 according to https://github.com/input-output-hk/plutus-pioneer-program/blob/main/code/week02/cabal.project#L63

In other words, you should cd into the plutus-apps directory and then:

$ git checkout 6aff97d596ac9d59460aab5c65627b1c8c0a1528
$ nix-shell

And then proceed with the rest of the process the same way you were doing before.

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