I'm trying to mint a utility token and based on this quantity the investor will get different NFT bonus.

mint :: MintParams -> Contract w FreeSchema Text ()
mint mp = do 
        let yacada          = Value.singleton yacadaSymbol yacadaName (calculateYacada $ mpAdaAmount mp)  
            yacadaNft       = Value.singleton yacadaNFTSymbol  "NFT" 1 --(giveReferalNFTN
            adas            = Ada.lovelaceValueOf $ mpAdaAmount mp            
            lookups         = Constraints.mintingPolicy policy <> Constraints.mintingPolicy levelPolicy
            destinations    = paymentTo mp
            payment         = Constraints.mustPayToPubKey (treasury destinations) adas
            mintYacada      = Constraints.mustMintValue yacada <> Constraints.mustMintValue yacadaNFT
            tx              = mintYacada
        ledgerTx <- submitTxConstraintsWith @Void lookups tx
        void $ awaitTxConfirmed $ getCardanoTxId ledgerTx
        logInfo @String $ printf "------------------------------------------------------"
        logInfo @String $ printf "We forged y:%s NFT:%s" (show yacada)  (show yacadaNft)
        logInfo @String $ printf "------------------------------------------------------"


The thing is that when I see the token in the wallet they both have the same policy :

( Wallet 2: {32d66bc1df769f6af0d37ccd9e3510ebf38b5e4c7235a2b2e4e9d08c, "NFT"}: 1 {32d66bc1df769f6af0d37ccd9e3510ebf38b5e4c7235a2b2e4e9d08c, "YACADA_TOKEN"}: 2000 {, ""}: 99697225 Wallet 1: {32d66bc1df769f6af0d37ccd9e3510ebf38b5e4c7235a2b2e4e9d08c, "NFT"}: 1 {32d66bc1df769f6af0d37ccd9e3510ebf38b5e4c7235a2b2e4e9d08c, "YACADA_TOKEN"}: 1000 {, ""}: 99697137

Any ideas? I have this "test code" on github if any needs it.

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Just found my mistake. Just need to have the multiple policies in diferent files..

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