I am currently building a dApp on cardano using cardano-serialization-lib and wallets (Nami, Typhon, Yoroi).

Since you have to configure TransactionBuilder with the latest Protocol Parameters, there is a chance that a transaction will fail due to wrong parameters being used while building the transaction (ex. FeeTooSmallUTXO if min_fee_a or min_fee_b was raised).

At the same time, not every error, thrown at transaction submit is related to these parameters (ex. NonOutputSupplementaryDatums).

Is there a page or a document that lists errors that can be caused by the protocol parameters mismatch or all errors, but with explanation for when they occur? I want to look through such list to figure out all the scenarios where I might want to check for a parameter update.

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The Cardano ledger itself provides the list of UtxoPredicateFailure.

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