In Week 6 of PP Lars finds an oracle input with the following code:

oracleInput :: TxOut
    oracleInput =
        ins = [ o
              | i <- txInfoInputs info
              , let o = txInInfoResolved i
              -- addr = oracle's address
              , txOutAddress o == addr
        case ins of
            [o] -> o
            _   -> traceError "expected exactly one oracle input"

Does it imply that if a script creates a transaction then transaction outputs will reference the script address through txOutAddress field?

Thank you :)


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I am not sure I understand the question...

First of all, scripts do not "generate transactions", but validate transactions. Transactions are generated by wallets (and off-chain wallet code).

Now, what is the output of a transaction? In the EUTxO-model, it is given by three "things":

  • an address
  • a *value' and
  • a datum.

The txOutAddress function simply extracts the first component of this triple.

So in my example, I am looking for inputs who try to unlock outputs that "sit" at the oracle address. Since the oracle address is a script address, the corresponding oracle validator script will be executed to determine whether the transaction I am looking at is allowed to consume this input.

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