The build instructions using nix for the cardano node are well documented, however they currently lack an option to build pre-production and preview testnet.

Does anyone know which config I could adjust to make them build these networks ?

I do know I could change configs under '/nix/store/...', but I don't think this is the right way.

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You can go to Cardano Testnet - Getting Started. It will explain how to set up your node for Preview and Pre-Production Testnet, complete with the configuration files.

There are also different value for each networks --testnet-magic INTEGER:

  • Vasil devnet : 9
  • Preview : 2
  • Pre-production : 1

This is the general steps from the docs:

  1. Build the latest cardano-node tag (currently 1.35.3)
  2. Download the configuration file specifically made for each Preview or Pre-Production testnet
  3. Run your node

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