Does building a Cardano node on testnet takes less storage than mainnet?

If so, what are the approximate storage requirements?

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Yes, the testnet takes less storage. This is what I got when I installed them a month ago:

Testnet: 11 GB

Mainnet: 46 GB

I haven't updated it again, but it's roughly around those number


Yes, the disk storage for testnet is vastly smaller than for mainnet.

On my machine the mainnet disk storage is 76 Gig. I would be a little surprised if testnet even uses 10 Gig.

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    Just to surprise you :) , this is on the public testnet: $ du -sh cardano-node/db/ 14G cardano-node/db/ Aug 18 at 4:46
  • Must be more on that testnet than I thought. Aug 18 at 8:24

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