If I compare the two values given by CSL 10.0.04 with CSL 11 i get two different values, the 11.0 being lower my code:

const asset = [ { unit: "1579f5df1ff81b2a69c402d92dd5fe95bf8cb7129e4a0765ed64095e69726f6e6f726520202d203236333520", quantity: "1", }, { unit: "1579f5df1ff81b2a69c402d92dd5fe95bf8cb7129e4a0765ed64095e69726f6e6f726520202d2037343220", quantity: "1", }, ]; console.log(parseInt(protocolParameters.coinsPerUtxoWord) / 8); const min = wasm.min_ada_required( amountToValue(wasm, asset), true, wasm.BigNum.from_str( ${parseFloat(protocolParameters.coinsPerUtxoWord) / parseFloat(8)} ) );

I am not sure if it is an issue, because in testnet it correctly works, but in mainnet it does not. Is min_ada_required going down with Vasil HF?


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