I'm facing error with the llvm install, i tried all the llvm@11;12;13 even the 14 and still a come across error when i move to step "cabal build all" my set up is a M1 pro. Help! enter image description here thank you

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  • The M1 Mac is likely to be the issue. I don't use Mac so I can't help. Aug 4 at 10:30

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Looks like you might have installed llvm but it isn't in the path. Just to be on the safe side, try the steps in the guide below.

This is adapted from the standard installation documentation, but with some steps added as required based upon various suggestions etc.

This worked for me just a day or two ago on MacOS with M1 chip for 1.35.3, and today I reset based upon IOG's recommendation to 1.35.2 with the same steps, so it is vetted twice over!


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