I use cardano-address cli export extended private key, but i want to use it with cardano-cli command, how to convert it?


Yes, if you have created your cardano-wallet wallet using a mnemonic, you can restore a private key from it.

An excellent tool for this is cardano-addresses.

  1. Generate your root private key.
cardano-address key from-recovery-phrase Shelley < phrase.prv > root.xsk
  1. Generate your payment verification key for the first address. Notice here, the /0/0 is the address index, increase the last digit to generate your other addresses.
cardano-address key child 1852H/1815H/0H/0/0 < root.xsk | cardano-address key public --with-chain-code > addr.xvk

You should be able to use your payment key to sign a transaction using cardano-cli.

  1. Create your payment address to double check it is correct.
cardano-address address payment --network-tag testnet < addr.xvk > payment.addr
  • Sign payment key (xxx.skey) generated by cardano-cli is a json file, in your case addr.xvk file is not a json file, is there any command line tool i can use to convert addr.xvk to a standard json file to meet the cardano-cli 's demand ?
    – mackie
    Jun 3 at 3:19

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