I need to store encrypted information in the metadata field of a transaction. Is there a best practice on this? Are there any projects already doing this? Which algorithms do they use for encryption?

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    What size of data? If its anything more than about 16 bytes you should not store the data, but rather store a URL (ipfs maybe) to access the data. Jul 25 at 6:42
  • Ok, perfect. Good observation. But same question there: what's the best practice to encrypt those IPFS files? Jul 25 at 9:23
  • Choosing the encryption scheme is pretty easy, AES or something supported by GPG would make sense.. Much more difficult is handling of encryption passwords/keys. Jul 25 at 22:16
  • Can you share your experience answering the question? Jul 25 at 23:27
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    If a single entity is responsible for encrypting the data and putting it on the blockchain (maybe via IPFS) and decrypting the data on the web portal, that entity should just use whatever encryption tools/method they think is best and easiest. Jul 27 at 3:41


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