I have previously asked a similar question here Get Ada locked with asset from db-sync query? but I'm still really stuck with this and needing some help.

After looking at Nami Wallet, Eternl Wallet and DB-Sync I am now totally confused because it would appear that each show a different value for tAda locked with assets.

enter image description here

Nami shows tAda locked with assets as 0.193950t₳,
Eternl shows tAda locked with assets as 3.676430t₳
DB-Sync shows tAda with assets as 4.241040t₳

Can anyone help explain what is going on here? and more importantly how to get the correct value for the total tAda that is locked with all assets? to be honest I didn't think it would be this challenging or confusing.

Any help on this is appreciated!

Also thanks to Erik de Castro Lopo for giving me your suggestion on my last question but sadly I'm still at a loss.

  • I am only familiar with db-sync. What is the query you are running there? Jul 23 at 22:06


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