I would like to be able to generate a new seed phrase using:

cardano-wallet recovery-phrase generate

...and use that for a new wallet, but do it offline. So the seed phrase is never onscreen on a network connected machine and only ever recorded on paper.

Is there a documented procedure for doing this?

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You can use BIP39 compatible library to generate 15/24 word mnemonics. If looking for CLI, you can use cardano-addresses, check out the Readme in the repo, the command to generate mnemonics would be:

cardano-address recovery-phrase generate --size 15 > phrase.prv

# exercise club noble adult miracle awkward problem olympic puppy private goddess piano fatal fashion vacuum

The short answer is Yes, you can generate and store your seed phrase offline.

When generating a primary recovery phrase for new Cardano CLI wallet, you can choose 15, 18, 21, or 24-word phrase. Optional additional protection can be provided with a secondary recovery phrase containing 9 or 12 words.

These two Medium stories will provide you with useful information how to do that:

How does 12-word seed phrase work?

Cardano wallet Command Line Interface (Part one)

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