I am running Daedalus to use the Cardano-Cli. Right now when I run the command

cardano-cli query tip --testnet-magic 1097911063

It returns this, which states that it is still in the Alonzo era.

    "era": "Alonzo",
    "epoch": 214,
    "hash": "add989729d61973bb82174179887a089ae9648b28d211e9cfc83993aed3b7068",
    "block": 3680416,
    "slot": 62504629,
    "syncProgress": "99.74"

Do I have to update the node myself? Or do I have to wait for Daedalus to do it and download a newer release? If so, when will the updated version be out?

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There will be an updated version of Daedalus for testnet running the new node by the end of the week (most likely Thursday, taken from Discord). You can probably download it from here once it's ready:



let the node sync

the output you shared shows

    "syncProgress": "99.74"

meaning the node is not synced with the blockchain.

as soon running the command you see

   "syncProgress": "100.00"

you should be able to enjoy your Vasil testnet

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