I can't use my old Tx creator (cardano-cli) from Alonzo era.

Command failed: transaction build  Error:
 The era of the node and the tx do not match.
  The node is running in the Babbage era, but the transaction is for the Alonzo era.

How can I create babbage era tx. Whats the difference from Alonzo Era?

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You can probably just add --babbage-era to your cardano-cli transaction build (or build-raw) command. You'll see this option when you enter cardano-cli transaction build -h.

As per this issue and this comment the alonzo-era is still set as the default for now.

Regarding the differences, the babbage era brings lots of new features and possibilities, that you can find a good technical overview of here, including: reference inputs, reference scripts, inline datums and much more.

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