I'm in the process of writing some software that will connect to the Cardano networking such as signing transactions & querying historical chain data. During my search for a solution I came across Hasura, which I planned to hook up postgres (using cardano-db-sync as well) to.

Later down the road I found Cardano-graphql in the inputoutput github account & noticed in the reference docker file here that the developers have also chosen to include Hasrua which is also a graphql api.

What is the purpose of this? Do I need both? What is the benifit of using cardano-graphql & hasura as shown in the docker-compose.yml file.

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Hasura is a cloud service where you can deploy cardano-graphql in a very easy and straight forward way, since it is oriented to graphql APIs.

So no, you don't need both.

cardano-graphql is very expensive to use in matter of resources so depending on the type of queries you want to do to the blockchain, maybe you need a service like Blockfrost.

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