I am tiring to use Cardano Sterilization Lib to get the Stake/Usable address from Stake Hash or Address Hash.


Address Hash: 01daaf711704003ec3d62ba63ab7fc82c52fdfadbe4a34e97158cafe5098ab0c9333611bee9b2e58f6daa99f237d173e0c7af6a7a203d6be27

Stake Key Hash: e198ab0c9333611bee9b2e58f6daa99f237d173e0c7af6a7a203d6be27

I saw Convert xpub public key from ccvault to bech32 or acct_ public key which showed a way but I couldn't get it to work.

wasm.StakeCredential.from_bytes(new TextEncoder().encode("98ab0c9333611bee9b2e58f6daa99f237d173e0c7af6a7a203d6be27"))

returns Deserialization failed in StakeCredential because: Invalid cbor: not the right type, expected Array' byte received Text'.


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You can try with this line:

 Buffer.from("98ab0c9333611bee9b2e58f6daa99f237d173e0c7af6a7a203d6be27", "hex")

Alternatively, you can try using from_keyhash method. This method expects to receive a Ed25519KeyHash, which you can build from the given Stake Key Hash, all in the same instruction, like this:

  Buffer.from("e198ab0c9333611bee9b2e58f6daa99f237d173e0c7af6a7a203d6be27", "hex")

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