Yoroi has a feature to export a wallet as a “key” (Options=>Wallet=>Export Wallet=>Export). I guess that it is the public root key, since the description says:

The below you can find your wallet's public key information. Public keys allow seeing the wallet history for the wallet, but does not allow to spend or move the funds in any way (private key is not included)

For testing purposes I created a test wallet and this is the "key" that Yoroi gives me:


So my question is: How is this key encoded? It does not have any default prefix and seems to be quite long.

I guess that, e.g. for use with the cardano-addresses tool, the key maybe just needs to be converted using the bech32 tool, correct? If so, then what prefix must be used?


PS: This question is part of a bigger question, which I split up into sub-questions, as recommended in the original question.

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After a lot of trial and error, I figured it out myself.


The "key" that results from the Yoroi export indeed needs to be encoded with bech32, using the prefix acct_xvk.


To test this, we need multiple things:

  1. The seed phrase of our test wallet (for this demonstration we store it in the file phrase.prv): maximum vacuum toe conduct jazz tray romance crawl fossil wisdom disease crazy mountain bird discover
  2. The "key" exported by Yoroi (for this demonstration we store it in the file root_yoroi_raw.pub): 95e74df114717de17ebfb24c05f9fd1c8019bb6f1de117eec10a43670a692866b837a4a5f51d62f3dc3d630d075c8e39e5294323ba146c386c48123aeef5438a
  3. The bech32 tool.
  4. The cardano-addresses tool.

We can now test, whether we can get the same results using our seed phrase and the exported key:

./cardano-address key from-recovery-phrase Shelley < phrase.prv > root.xsk
cat root.xsk | ./cardano-address key child 1852H/1815H/0H | ./cardano-address key public --with-chain-code > root.xvk

./bech32 acct_xvk < root_yoroi_raw.pub > root_yoroi.pub

cat root.xvk
cat root_yoroi.pub

This gives the following result:


This means, that the key exported by Yoroi, when being bech32 encoded with the prefix acct_xvk matches the extended public root key that can be derived from the seed phrase.

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