I need to know the amount of Ada remaining in an account in a off-chain Haskell plutus program. Should I use the wallet web interface of the kind:


or there is some direct Plutus library call or haskell serialization library for that?

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Assuming you are using React in the front-end,you can use the serialization library created by emurgo.After installing their library you first connect to a wallet like this. I will be connecting to a yoroi wallet , for any other wallet you can just swap out the name and it works same way.

import {Value} from "@emurgo/cardano-serialization-lib-asmjs"
let Buffer = require('buffer/').Buffer
const [balance,setBalance] = useState()
let API = ""
const connectToWallet = async () =>{
        try {
            API = await window.cardano.yoroi.enable();
        } catch(err) {

After you enable it , it will return a api key. You can then use the API key to get the balance of wallet.

    getBalance = async () => {
        try {
            const balanceCBORHex = await API.getBalance();
            const balance = Value.from_bytes(Buffer.from(balanceCBORHex, "hex")).coin().to_str();

        } catch (err) {

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