When using the Cardano serialisation library by emurgo, how do you test the output works as intended? Would this change when using parameterised contracts?

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Without using an API service like BlockFrost https://blockfrost.io/ you can utilise the Transaction output (cborHex) string from the completed Serialization Library build process by copying it into an existing Cardano-Cli Signed Transaction and submit it via the Cli.

Signed Cli Transaction Format for file tx_1.signed:

    "type": "Tx AlonzoEra",
    "description": "",
    "cborHex": "<insert the cborHex string created by the serialization-lib here and submit via cli command"

Cli Command format for testnet

cardano-cli transaction submit --tx-file /Users/someuser/cardano-src/*tx_1.signed* --testnet-magic 1097911063

There is also a simple boolean function for testing if the Transaction is valid:

pub fn is_valid(&self) -> bool {


Hope this helps.

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