I am having some trouble with metadata for NFT I am minting.

This is the asset on pool.pm: https://pool.pm/asset1q6fku9qrfld526pfdm746qu3j7wtgvuh5xet9u

And again on adaptors.org: https://adapools.org/transactions/3bec2e04ecf374d8d341f6d4ef38c2b1b70b1817cb2e6a9fa197b2aea7dd8de2/metadata

When viewing the asset on pool.pm it shows an error:

Expecting an OBJECT with a field named `721`

But viewing it on adapools.org show that 721 tag is there.

And this is the actual metadata submitted in the transaction. What am I doing wrong here? And why is it pool.pm showing an error?

  "721": {
    "b767134d5185d7d7be2234855cc732c8b3b42d8b956b84244c83015c": {
      "TestNFT5": {
        "Name": "TestNFT #5",
        "Collection": "Multi-asset minting",
        "Description": "Used for testing multi-asset minting",
        "Mythic": "True",
        "Mythic Name": "Ancient",
        "Wizard Type": "Alcemist",
        "Ring Name": "Vollzabar",
        "mediaType": "image/jpg",
        "image": "ipfs://QmXEyaE9GQJ2Qbgzozjfb23drA5jaU9qXJu8jNPPxysZhu"

Any help will be appreciated!

Edit: Naturally, I have validated metadata before minting using https://pool.pm/test/metadata and no errors were shown.


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You have wrong policy ID in your metadata.

This is your mint trx https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/3bec2e04ecf374d8d341f6d4ef38c2b1b70b1817cb2e6a9fa197b2aea7dd8de2?tab=metadata

The actual policy Id of your asset is abd58940b13f956ca5450786f14276204cf19b8b62105dc83b32cc64 and your metadata has b767134d5185d7d7be2234855cc732c8b3b42d8b956b84244c83015c

  • Yes, I have reviewed my code and can see that I accidentally used minting hash instead of policy id. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
    – Demogog
    Commented May 27, 2022 at 8:27

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