I have the following datum type.

data FundCreationDatum = FundCreationDatum
  { vFundOwner :: PaymentPubKeyHash,
    vPrizeAmount :: Integer,
    vProjectLabel :: [BuiltinByteString],
    vPrizeDistributionRatio :: [Integer]
  deriving (Show)

I have a function that filters for specific UTXOs with this datum type like this

initalAmount <-Map.map (findInitalAmount fundAddress) <$> utxosAt scrAddress

And the findIntialAmount function is this type

findInitalAmount :: PaymentPubKeyHash -> ChainIndexTxOut -> Contract w s Text (FundCreationDatum)

The type of initalAmount is this

(Map TxOutRef (Contract w0 s0 Text FundCreationDatum))

After applying these function to initalAmount

(snd (head (Map.toList(initalMatchPool))))

I end up with type

Contract w e Text (FundCreationDatum)

How do i just get the type to be just


So i can parse the value of the datum


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