I'm getting the following error during the ledgerTx line of code "ConstraintResolutionError (TxOutRefNotFound (TxOutRef {txOutRefId = 70d473b55eaac244c821a001fe153813249c22395cb55631f34eb149937d340a, txOutRefIdx = 1}))"

utxos <- utxosAt $ scriptAddress payValidator
let orefs = fst <$> Map.toList utxos
     change = _ciTxOutValue (snd (L.head (Map.toList utxos))) - (Ada.lovelaceValueOf bet)
     lookups = Constraints.typedValidatorLookups typedPayToScriptValidator
     tx = Constraints.mustSpendScriptOutput (last orefs) unitRedeemer <> Constraints.mustPayToTheScript bet change
ledgerTx <- submitTxConstraintsWith lookups tx
void $ awaitTxConfirmed $ getCardanoTxId ledgerTx

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The issue was caused by the lookups. The combination of Constraints that resolved the issue is let lookups = Constraints.unspentOutputs utxos <> Constraints.typedValidatorLookups typedPayToScriptValidator <> Constraints.otherScript (Scripts.validatorScript typedPayToScriptValidator) I'm not sure exactly what these lookup constraints do and why they are necessary, but they fixed the ConstraintResolutionError

  • smacks self on forehead - I've been stuck on the exact same error. I couldn't figure out why it couldn't find a TxOutRef that I had just found a few lines earlier using utxosTxOutTxAt, but it's the lookups! thanks!
    – marcel_g
    Jul 7, 2022 at 14:48

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