I know that this is possible in javascript using the cardano serialization lib, as follows:

function toHex(bytes){
    return Buffer.from(bytes).toString("hex");

function addrToPubKeyHash(bech32Addr) {
  const pkh = Loader.Cardano.BaseAddress.from_address(

  return toHex(pkh.to_bytes());

How would I do the same in python?

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Check out pycardano. Class Address has a class method from_primitive that can read and decode a bech32 address. Then you can directly read field payment_part, which is the public key hash of the payment credential from the address object. You can find the API documentation here.


>>> from pycardano import Address   
>>> addr = Address.from_primitive("addr_test1vzv89dr7v69enywx0t7sqcyxshcmnlv9q43lhpg7ecfhjjsjcdsza")
>>> addr.payment_part

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