I’m attempting to get the active stake value from cardano-db-sync for a pool at a specific epoch so I know how much stake it had for the next snapshot.

I’m currently using the following query

SELECT SUM(amount) FROM epoch_stake 

WHERE epoch_stake.epoch_no = $1 AND pool_id = $2

This query seems to work, but my result is quite a bit off when compared to what cardanoscan.io shows as the active stake for the same pool.

  • Active stake is an instantaneous stake distribution at the current block (and can change with each new block) whereas the epoch_stake table gives the stake distribution for a single epoch. Sep 23 at 10:24

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  ph.view AS pool_id,
  sa.view AS stake_address,
FROM epoch_stake es
JOIN stake_address sa
  ON sa.id = addr_id
JOIN pool_hash ph
  ON ph.id = pool_id
WHERE epoch_no = #{epochNumber}

There are a bunch of more queries that might be helpful that you can find here: AdaGate API

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