I'm trying to set up a PAB in order to test my contracts

Currently I have:

  • fully synced a cardano-node running on testnet
  • fully synced cardano-wallet tracking one wallet
  • a plutus-chain-index syncing at an absurd slow rate
  • a pab instance that displays
    [pab:Info:1] [2022-04-11 14:07:59.27 UTC] Restoring PAB state ...
    [pab:Info:1] [2022-04-11 14:07:59.27 UTC] No contract instance were restored in the 
    PAB state.
    [pab:Info:1] [2022-04-11 14:07:59.27 UTC] Starting PAB backend server on port 9080

and connecting to that instance, for example trying


does not works the first hours but it does after at least 5 hours, even if the chain-index syncing sits at 0.76% after all that time.

my questions are

  1. Why do we even need a plutus-chain-index instance running if it is ok at 0.76%
  2. How can I get more information on when the PAB is ready?

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  1. The chain index provides data such as datums and utxo values. Its data from the chain but organized in a way that's more convenient and faster to query than is possible with the node directly. It's intended to be a 'db-sync-lite'.

  2. You can run with --verbose flag. But it will dump a lot of stuff out. You should also be able to hit localhost:9083/swagger/swagger-ui (provided you are using the default config).

They've been numerous problems with the chain index, with many being fixed recently. I recommended taking the latest version if you aren't already.

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