Lets say I on-chain i have a Datum like so:

data RandomDatum = RandomDatum {
   { tn :: !TokenName
   , cs :: !CurrencySymbol
   , nn :: !Integer
   } deriving (Show)

Off chain I'm trying to form and submit transaction with:

let dat = RandomDatum { 
       tn = ""
     , cs = ""
     , nn = 1
    constraints = Constraints.mustPayToOtherScript vh dat val

ledgerTx <- submitTxConstraintsWith lookups constraints

But my compilation always fails, because dat is not of type Datum. I have also tried:

constraints = Constraints.mustPayToOtherScript vh (Datum $ PlutusTx.toBuiltinData dat) val


How could I convert RandomDatum imported from my on-chain code file?

  • I dig more into this and now I think it doesn't work because PlutusTx.unstableMakeIsDatafails to generate required instances for FromData
    – KugisMugis
    Apr 11, 2022 at 7:10

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As far as I know your datum types are required to conform the Data type. Try:

PlutusTx.makeIsDataIndexed ''RandomDatum [ ('RandomDatum, 0) ]

let randomDatum = RandomDatum { ...params... }
    tx          = mustPayToTheScript randomDatum $ Ada.lovelaceValueOf amount
  • Maybe I'm missing some Haskell Language pragma which is required for this? What pragrams are required for this? I do have PlutusTx.makeIsDataIndexed in separate on-chain code file but I still get this error.
    – KugisMugis
    Apr 11, 2022 at 9:21
  • @KugisMugis In that case, can you post complete on chain and off chain code?
    – lambda
    Apr 11, 2022 at 9:44

Problem was I didn't provide correct type to submitTxConstraintsWith call.

If this was code from Plutus Pioneer Program week one where there is a definition:

data Auctioning
instance Scripts.ValidatorTypes Auctioning where
    type instance RedeemerType Auctioning = AuctionAction
    type instance DatumType Auctioning = AuctionDatum

Call should look like this:

ledgerTx <- submitTxConstraintsWith @Auctioning lookups constraints

Also datum needs deriving (Show, Generic, ToJSON, FromJSON) for serialization

data RandomDatum = RandomDatum {
   { tn :: !TokenName
   , cs :: !CurrencySymbol
   , nn :: !Integer
   } deriving (Show, Generic, ToJSON, FromJSON)

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