I modified slightly cabal.project of the plutus-apps to serve as base for my own application repo. It includes another repo of my own that is also a sligh modification of the plutus repo. If my own git repo that substitutes plutus is xxxx. Now this error happens when executing nix-shell

nix-shell error: attribute 'xxxx' missing....

I suppose that this attribute should be added somewhere in flakes or some other nix configuration but I had no clue. Looking for information I figured out and I added it to flake.nix. Since my repo is a modification of Plutus, I put it instead of the plutus repo

plutus-core = {
  url = "github:agocorona/plutus"; #"github:input-output-hk/plutus"
  flake = false;

But the error is the same.

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I Finally got the solution here: https://github.com/input-output-hk/haskell.nix/issues/1427

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