I was trying to implement some El Gamal cryptography in plutus, basic verification of statements. But while trying to implement an efficient modular exponential function I noticed that the current PlutusTx.Prelude does not even provide a simple power function (^). Digging even deeper I saw that the PlutusTx.Prelude only povides an even function and not even an odd function. How can I contribute to add these function to PlutusTx.Prelude?

Is my implementation correct? I import Plutus.Prelude as Prel. Do I also need to add the template haskell inlinable pragma if I make this a library?

power :: Integer -> Integer -> Integer
power x n |(n==1) = x
        | Prel.even n       = (power x ( Prel.divide n 2))*(pow x ( Prel.divide n 2)) 
        | Prel.even (n-1)   = x * (power x (n-1))

expMod :: Integer -> Integer -> Integer -> Integer
expMod b e m
    | b == 1    = b
    | e == 0    = 1
    | e == 1    = b `Prel.modulo` m
    | even e    = let p = expMod b (e `Prel.divide` 2) m `Prel.modulo` m
                   in (power p (2::Integer)) `Prel.modulo` m
    | otherwise = (b * expMod b (e-1) m) `Prel.modulo` m

which seems to compile without the pragma in a validator.


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Try this function:

power x n
    | n == 0  =  1
    | x == 0  =  0
    | even n = ( power x (n 'div' 2) ) * ( power x (n 'div' 2) )
    | otherwise n = x * ( power x ((n - 1) 'div' 2)) * ( power x ((n - 1) 'div' 2) )

Look at the type signature for even: even :: (Integral a) => a -> Bool. odd has a similar signature.

So you can see that even and odd take any type of the Integral typeclass and evaluate it. Then look at the signature for /: (/) :: (Fractional a) => a -> a -> a.

/ takes only Fractional types, not Integral ones. It's impossible for one type to be evaluated by both those functions. In this case, there's an easy fix: use div instead of /.

Note that if you use div as an infix function (place it between the arguments) you'll need to put backticks around div.

  • 1
    Thank you for correcting my bad cases, but note that the use of odd here is not allowed since PlutusTx.Prelude does not have this.
    – Fermat
    Mar 22, 2022 at 20:58
  • Well in this case should otherwise (instead of odd) also work, but an odd would be also great. 👍 Mar 22, 2022 at 21:03

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