Me and my team are searching for a quickstart project for Cardano, such that we can start from such a project, understand its architecture, and evolve the base project into a real-life product.

So far, we've found only courses, eg. the Plutus Pioneers Program from IOG or the Gimbalabs Project-Based Learning. But none of the two above is a quickstart that enable us to Quickly have a running application and understand its mechanics.


An example of what we would expect in a simple working application would be the following:

  • A simple contract (e.g. Gift: someone locks funds, someone else gets the locked funds)
  • A simple application backend that can run on localhost
  • A simple integration with Nami wallet to send the funds

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There are a few example contracts in plutus-apps repo. AlwaysSucceeds is the simplest, allowing one to lock funds and another to unlock them. Make sure to check the spending script documentation to help with that.

The same repo also has a demo of the Plutus Application Backend (PAB) running locally and integrated with Nami to send some funds. See PAB-Nami simple demo.

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