How can I download transaction history of any public address as CSV? Use case: For some 'lost' wallets (lost seed phrase) I need to get the transaction history for Tax Software. Cannot figure out a way to do this using the available blockchain explorers... but this should be relatively easy IMO.

  • The data you need is in a fully synced instance of cardano-db-sync. All you need is the correct SQL query. Feb 24, 2022 at 0:56

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I do not how you could do it as CSV, i guess you must adapt the data you get from Blockfrost, you can use this endpoint


:) The API usage is pretty straight foward using NodeJs.. but they have support for more languagues like Haskell or Python ... Any how i think there might arise complications from the fact that some wallet uses more than one address for your data analysis tool


This tool does exactly that (based on a set of staking addresses) using the blockfrost.io API, as a CSV or XLSX.

It also can graph the asset balance over time.


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