I'm interested to play with Marlowe in a textual way. when I read this tutorial or read some code examples here, it seems to me that I have to be knowledgeable about Haskell's basics, mainly variables and functions, to be able to write Marlowe code.

is my assumption right?

ps: I'm not interested by blocky or js

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Yes, you would need to know some Haskell basics to edit your Marlowe contracts if you don't want to use Blockly or JS.


If you don't want to use blocky or js (Marlowe is built assuming you will), then your best bet is to try to learn Plutus and write your contracts using that. The plutus Pioneer Program is a great place to get guided help learning how to write smart contracts using Plutus. Plutus makes Haskell a tad bit more accessible. And you can learn Haskell with Cardano and smart contracts in mind.

If you reallllly don't want anything to do with Haskell, then just hang tight, IELE will let you use your very own favorite programming language (Java, C#, Rust, javascript, any really many more) to write smart contracts.

  • Great answer in that it looks past the specific wording of the question and identifies the reason behind it.
    – Matthias Sieber
    Jun 1, 2021 at 3:05

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