Spoiler, so don't look if you haven't done the homework yet.

In the solution file Solution2.hs we have

checkSig :: Bool
checkSig = unPaymentPubKeyHash pkh `elem` txInfoSignatories info

while in the file from the lecture Vesting.hs we have the same check implemented as

signedByBeneficiary :: Bool
signedByBeneficiary = txSignedBy info $ unPaymentPubKeyHash $ beneficiary dat

I get the same behavior in the playground with the two implementations in Solution2.hs, and moreover looking at the implementation of txSignedBy

{-# INLINABLE txSignedBy #-}
-- | Check if a transaction was signed by the given public key.
txSignedBy :: TxInfo -> PubKeyHash -> Bool
txSignedBy TxInfo{txInfoSignatories} k = case find ((==) k) txInfoSignatories of
    Just _  -> True
    Nothing -> False

I don't see a difference. Maybe my tests in the playground aren't good enough, but is there an example of different behavior?

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They are the same. I'd say the signedByBeneficiary way is more idiomatic.

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