I am getting incorrect pubkeys by running mockWalletPaymentPubKey $ knownWallet 1 and mockWalletPaymentPubKey $ knownWallet 2 (from here https://youtu.be/ae7U_yKIQ0Y?t=1390).

I checked that

  • I am in the correct directory
  • I imported the wallet emulator using import Wallet.Emulator
  • and the cabal build command ran successfully.

On restarting the repl, I get the same incorrect wallet pub keys.

Note: I was able to get the correct pub keys by looking at the transactions in the simulator.

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mockWalletPaymentPubKey gives you the public key for a wallet.

For Vesting.hs, you need to use the public key hash.

Try mockWalletPaymentPubKeyHash $ knownWallet 1 instead.

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