I was wondering about syntax I am not used to in the off-chain code.

What does @ mean in the following context? logInfo @String $ printf "made a gift"

What does .\/ mean in the following context? type GiftSchema = Endpoint "give" Integer .\/ Endpoint "grab" ()

I guess that it has to do to the multiple GHC extensions invoked in Plutus code but I do not have the time to understand each and everyone of them.

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@String is from TypeApplications. logInfo has type logInfo :: forall a effs. Member (LogMsg a) effs => a -> Eff effs (), so logInfo @String fixes a to be String. (That this is needed here is because of another extension OverloadedStrings, so "made a gift" is not necessarily of type String)

.\/ is not from an extension, but an operator defined by the row-types library.

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