I'm trying to understand how Constraints.modifiesUtxoSet works. Can anyone give an example?

modifiesUtxoSet :: forall i o. TxConstraints i o -> Bool

Check whether every transaction that satisfies the constraints has to modify the UTXO set. 

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The SimpleEscrow use case uses it: https://playground.plutus.iohkdev.io/doc/haddock/plutus-use-cases/html/src/Plutus.Contracts.SimpleEscrow.html#refundEp

Another example is the Crowdfunding use case: https://playground.plutus.iohkdev.io/doc/haddock/plutus-use-cases/html/src/Plutus.Contracts.Crowdfunding.html#contribute

  • I've seen them and after looking at the source of modifiesUtxoSet, I'd say that the purpose of modifiesUtxoSet is something like: "check if TxConstraints" does something"
    – kindofdev
    Jan 25, 2022 at 11:29

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